Morning Session

08.30 – Conference room


09.00 – Conference room

Opening Session:
Prof. S. Tubaro (Chair of DEIB)
Prof. P. San Pietro (Chair of Computer Science and Engineering Area)

9.15 – Conference room

Invited Talk:
What I would have liked to know when I was at Polimi
C. Pedersini, A. Chiarini (Bloomberg)

10.00 – Conference room

Presentation of the Research Lines of the Computer Science and Engineering Area at DEIB
Advanced Software Architecture and Methodologies (A. Margara)
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (M. Matteucci)
Information Systems (P. Plebani)
System Architectures (F. Bruschi)
Data, Web and Society (M. Brambilla)

12.00 – Conference room

Career Service
Internship and job opportunities (F. Saracino)


Lunch break

Afternoon session

14.00 – Conference room

Computer Science and Engineering: teaching offer and job opportunities

Prof. G. Cugola (Chair of Computer Engineering Study Program)

CEFRIEL – ICT Innovation, Research & Education opportunities

Prof. P. Lanzi (UIC University of Illinois at Chicago)

Prof. P. Cremonesi (EIT Master)

Prof. A. Bonarini (Chair of the PhD Program in Information Technology)

Presentation of the DEIB students recently awarded

16.00 – Ground floor DEIB

Open Labs
Hands on Research activities in the Computer Science and Engineering Area at DEIB.
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Closing session