Open Labs – 15.30
Hands on Research activities in the Computer Science and Engineering Area

Advanced software architectures and methodologies

Engineering Cyberphysical System Software
Mikhail Afanasov, Naveed Anwar Bhatti, Luca Mottola

Developing, verifying, optimizing and deploying data intensive applications
Elisabetta Di Nitto

Lifecycle and Event-Based Testing for Android Applications
Konstantin Rubinov, Luciano Baresi

Modeling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces
Christos Tsigkanos


Next Design Innovation
Massimo Bianchini, Diego Quetti, Luca Mottola

Information Systems
Seminar Room

Quality Awareness for a Successful Big Data Exploitation
Cinzia Cappiello, Monica Vitali

Monitoring Busines Processes with Smart Devices
Pierluigi Plebani, Giovanni Meroni

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Giulio Angelo Fontana, Matteo Matteucci

Red PuMpKin autonomouis wheelchair
Matteo Matteucci, Giulio Angelo Fontana, Lorenzo Graziano

Computational Intelligence and AI in Games
Pierluca Lanzi, Daniele Loiacono

Robogames for children with disability and normally developed. Emotional Robots
Andrea Bonarini

System Architectures
Seminar Room

Intelligent Embedded Systems
Manuel Roveri, Giacomo Boracchi

Runtime Resource Management for Heterogeneous System Architectures
Antonio Miele, Gabriele Pallotta, Marco Santambrogio, Cristiana Bolchini

Application Auto-tuning for Heterogenous Architectures in HPC Era
Amir Ashouri, Gianluca Palermo, Giovanni Agosta

Data, Web and Society
Seminar Room

VR for Children with Disability
Daniele Occhiuto, Franca Garzotto

Smart Toys for Children with

Francesco Clasadonte, Franca Garzotto

Data-Driven Genomic Computing (GeCo)
Arif Canakoglu

S-Cube Lab (Smart Social Spaces)

MAGNET: A Middleware for The Proximal Interaction of Devices based on Wi-Fi Direct
Naser Derakhshan

Voice interaction and behavior personalization for the Smart Home
Lorenzo Eusebi